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Genealogy and understanding our heritage is a growing hobby today!  Many people have taken up the task of researching their family tree - including our own staff!

The first step is to check our Interment Listing below to ensure your family members are interred here.  Please remember that this list is a work in progress.  It is very possible that there may be typing errors in the list.  If you notice errors, please bring them to our attention. We are working on updating these sheets to include more recent interments.  To do so, we must update our database systems which is taking us time to convert.  As soon as this conversion is complete, new updates will be uploaded here.

Find a Grave:  A local volunteer has worked very hard to take pictures of almost every marker in our cemetery and post it online.  You can find her work at  We are very appreciative of her dedication to the people who have loved ones interred here.

What information can we provide?

The type of information kept in our records over the years has changed for many reasons. 

  • For all interments over 75 years old, we can provide name, last known address, date and place of death, date of burial, and next of kin (if known). For some burials, we may be able to verify date and place of birth and veteran status.  Many times, we are able to provide copies of obituaries and sometimes newspaper articles that we may have on file.  We do not receive copies of death certificates, but we can inform you of the place of death so you can contact the county clerk’s office and request the death certificate.
  • For interments that have occurred within the last 75 years, we can only verify interment location, date of burial and date and location of death.  By law, we can not give you birth information or next of kin information.
  • Prior to the 1950’s, our records are minimal.  We used to be part of the Christian Catholic Church.  Many of our records kept there were destroyed by a fire that burned the church.  While we still have interment records for all interments, we might not have further information such as obituaries.

What if you have a burial permit showing a loved on is interred in Mt. Olivet but you do not see them on our list?

This is possible for a few reasons.  First, they could be in our records under a different name than you are searching for, or we may have spelled the name incorrectly when entering it in to the spreadsheet.  Second, it is possible that the person was interred here and then later moved to another cemetery at the family's discretion.  Third, there are quite a few Mt. Olivet (Mount Olivet, Mount Olive, etc.) cemeteries in the Chicagoland area.  Also, there used to be a Mount Olivet Cemetery on Dugdale in Waukegan.  If your relative was Catholic, there is a strong chance the person was interred in this cemetery as it was run by the Catholic Archdiocese. 

All research and information is provided free of charge, so your patience is appreciated!

Section abbreviations are listed below for your reference:

Abbreviation Section/Mausoleum
11MAUS Mausoleum in Section 11
CIE Chapel Inside East
CIW Chapel Inside West
COE Chapel Outside East
COW Chapel Outside West
CWN Chapel Window Niches
ELE Eternal Life East
ELN Eternal Life Niches
ELW Eternal Life West
EP Eternal Peace
GCN Garden Companion Niches
GPE Garden of Prayer East
GPN Garden of Prayer Niches
GPW Garden of Prayer West
GRC Garden of Reflection Companion Niches
GRN Garden of Reflection Niches
GSE Good Shepherd East
GSN Good Shepherd Niches
GSW Good Shepherd West
GWN Garden Wall Niches
LC Lawn Crypts
LPG Lord's Prayer Garden
PHE Praying Hands East
PHW Praying Hands West
RXE Rugged Cross East
RXN Rugged Cross Niches
RXW Rugged Cross West

 Burial Records by Last Name:

A - B

C - E

F - H

I - L


N - P

Q - S

T - Z



































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It is not always possible to pay respects in person, so we hope that this small token will help.


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847-872-5476 Mt. Olivet Memorial Park
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Zion, IL 60099
847-872-5476 Mt. Olivet Memorial Park
1436 Kenosha Road
Zion, IL 60099
847-872-5476 Mt. Olivet Memorial Park
1436 Kenosha Road
Zion, IL 60099
847-872-5476 Mt. Olivet Memorial Park
1436 Kenosha Road
Zion, IL 60099